Ben Davis Shirts

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Ben Davis brand shirts, American made. Shirts of poly/cotton twill, and fleece. Most twill shirts are pullover, and have the half zipper,Classic workwear, and streetwear, Long Sleeved and short sleeve. We have been carrying Ben Davis since the 1960's.


Blue 90th Anniversary Pendleton Board Shirt

Pendleton wool shirts and jackets. Greenspan's carries the world's best selection of Pendleton board shirts, with over 40 different patterns available in all regular sizes. These shirts by Pendleton Woolen Mills are all virgin wool, milled in The United States, and assembled in Mexico. These umatilla wool flannel shirts are in solid and plaids, inlcuding ombres, tartans, Beach Boy, styles. The shirts are machine washable, however we would recommend that they best dry cleaned. Some are custom made for Greenspan's, South Gate, making us destination shopping! No one has a better selection. Great for the rockabilly, lowrider, kustom Pendleton buyer! 

Two tone and Embroidered Classic Style Shirts

2 Stripe 2 Pocket shirt Charcoal Heather

Two tone and Embroidered Shirts Classic Style Shirts

Classic Style and Custom Made Shirts

Greenspans (30 of 51)

Classic styled men's shirts by Pendleton, Sir Guy, D'Accord, and Greenspan's, in classic styles, of the 40's,50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's, some made custom for or by Greenspan's. in wool, or gaberdine, plaid, solid, and both, button up. For Pendleton board shirts, Greenspan's carries the world's best selection. including custom made Pendleton shirts. These patterns of Pendleton shirts,are made in lower quantities than the mass production seasonal shirts.

Men's T-Shirts and Tank Tops

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Men's graphic T Shirt, and a smaller selection of tank tops. The are all original art for Greenspan's, South Gate, by tattoo artists Tim Hendricks, Felipe Morales, Big Tiny, Phowl, Aztek, OGS, Raul Rodriguez NORM, and more. 

Charlie Browns


Classic knit polo shirts with horizontal stripes. Sometimes called charlie browns, bumblebees, Carlos Morenos, or cholo polos, They are a classic inner city style. Made by Lowrider brand , and FB County. Greenspan's has been carrying this style since the 1950's. Worn in movies like Boulevard Nights, and by Eazy E. They are a constant throughout the Chicano and Mexican neighborhoods of the Southwest United States, also by the home boys,  firme vatos, gangsters, homies, punk, rockabilly, psychobilly, lowrider buyer to look chingon

Big And Tall